5 Tips For Beginning Vapers

5 Tips For Beginning Vapers | Soul Vapor News Blog

Have you decided to put down the cigarettes for good and make the switch to vaping? It can be a big decision for some that can be life changing and positive. We’ve made a list of some of the things you should be aware of when you make the switch.

  1. CHOOSING THE RIGHT DEVICE: There are tons of different styles and sizes out there for just about anyone’s preference. There’s pens and mods that are both regulated and unregulated to suit your vaping experience and desired effect. As a beginner there are many companies that sell starter kits which come with the mod, tank, and batteries needed to get you off to a good start. These are usually inexpensive and can help you feel more confident in your choice to start vaping. If you are inexperienced we recommend you stick with regulated mods until you are familiar with Ohm’s Law and you feel you can use any unregulated mods safely. When you first start you may want to stick to pre-built coils just to be safe.
  2. DIFFERENT FLAVORS: One of the best things about vaping is all the different flavors out there. There are literally thousands of different flavors out there to please just about anybody. Some categories which we offer here are dessert, beverages, candy, tobacco, and fruity. We also offer sampler packs so you can try many of our flavors inexpensively. Be sure you are aware of choosing safe flavors that don’t contain any unhealthy chemicals. None of our flavors here at Soul Vapor eJuice contain Diacetyl, Acetyl Propionyl, nor Acetoin so you can be assured you are vaping safely! Keep an open mind and accept it may take time to find the perfect flavor for you. Many vapers like to switch between many flavors to suit their mood and to keep from getting “vaper’s tongue” which can be caused by vaping the same flavor continuously.
  3. FINDING THE RIGHT NICOTINE STRENGTH: As with flavors, e-liquid also comes in a number of different strengths, again depending on your needs and desired effects. Many beginners go for a higher strength then gradually decrease their dose as time progresses. We even offer 0mg nicotine for those who want to eliminate the nicotine altogether. It’s important when you start to vape to find the strength to help you quit smoking. We have a chart on our FAQ page that you can use to point you in the right direction. Don’t beat yourself up if you vape at a higher level than other vapers you know. The important thing is not picking up those cigarettes or giving up on vaping because it doesn’t seem to work for you.5 Tips For Beginning Vapers | Soul Vapor News Blog
  4. EQUIPMENT MAINTENANCE: Keeping your mod or pen, tank, and batteries protected will help them last longer. Don’t leave your mod in the sun or in a hot car as this is bad for the device and the batteries. Also, make sure to keep your equipment clean by regularly taking it apart and wiping any excess dirt or juice from it. This will help protect against shorts and keep your mod from malfunctioning. Battery safety is very important and keeping your batteries wrapped fully can make the difference between life and death. Luckily we have a blog on battery safety to help educate you on the many batteries out there and how to keep them wrapped properly.
  5. WHERE CAN I VAPE?: As a beginner you may be unsure of where you can vape without raising unwanted attention to yourself. When e-cigarettes were first introduced, there were few regulations restricting the use of e-cigarettes in locations such as at work or in restaurants, meaning that one of the advantages of using e-cigarettes was that they could be used inside of public places. However, in recent years regulations have been passed to stop people from using e-cigarettes so freely, and as a result there is often a lot of confusion as to where they can be used. Furthermore, different countries often have very different rules relating to e-cigs, meaning that travel can be especially troublesome for those looking to take their e-cigarettes on holiday. Most locations now have guidelines on where and when you can vape, so the best thing to do before heading anywhere is to check out the website of the place you’re attending for clarification. Members of the staff will also be aware of a location’s vaping rules. Check with the local laws of anywhere you plan to travel ahead of time or ask local vapers.

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